The writing of an architectural project (02)

The image above is a scheme made by OMA for a conceptual masterplan for a cultural district in Honk Kong.

In this image we can define some rules that can be applied to most of architectural projects.

1) There are many levels you can read a drawings and you can read the text within. We have clear in first instance that this image is created by singular element/text that create the shape of the masterplan or building;
2) Looking in more detail, all the single words have a strong identity because they say which function will be in that particular position of the building. The position and orientation indicate a more precise location and size.
3) The text is chosen to communicate and prioritise the designated functions: the larger, the more important the function becomes in the scheme of the project.
4) The disposition of the text is non linear, in fact it doesn’t matter if you are reading it in horizontal or vertical or diagonal, because it will give anyway the message that it wants to communicate;
5) To define a function, we can use ambigous description that explain what it will be: e.g. education = school, film premiere = cinema, better transport = improve existing infrastructure. This allows the text to specify immediatly not only the function but also the quality of the proposal.

This technique is not only used to explain and visualize information of the project (to make it clear and accessible to everybody), but also acts as an important instrument for the architect during the conceptual phase.

This is a method used to control conceptual elements that can otherwise be difficult to communicate through “normal” drawings, and not only for the functions, but for all the criteria needed whilst exploring a project.

In fact it aids the architect in their own understanding as an important tool during the design phase of any project.

Elisa Pardini


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