A visualization of the topology of the Divina Commedia

We publish a kind of graphical abstract of the Divina Commedia designed by Luciano Perondi and Angelo Monne. The design process was based on a simple synsemic model and the result is a clear (we guess) visual syntax.

Visual analysis of the artifact (Pdf).

Monne & Perondi choosed to use expressive illustration in order to create a visual relation between the overall image given by the text and the graphic schematization  – otherwise it would have been a too cold kind of infographics.

The illustator involved, Angelo Monne, is a very talented illustrator, who used to work together with Giovanni Lussu, and for this reason was familiar with the idea of synsemia.

Arnaldo Filippini, Luciano Perondi, Leonardo Romei

Designer: Luciano Perondi
Illustrator: Angelo Monne
Illustrations are part of the anthology Antologia della Divina Commedia. Incontro con l’opera.
Authors: Beatrice Panebianco, Cecilia Pisoni, Loretta Reggiani, Marcello Malpensa
Year: 2009
Title: Antologia della Divina Commedia. Incontro con l’opera.
Graphic design: Chialab
City and publisher: Bologna, Zanichelli

Hell: pages 4-5
Purgatory: pages 98-99
Paradise: pages 174-175

The artifact presented is based on the original, but we used an OpenSource font (Titillium) in order to publish the complete Pdf file.


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