An analysis of “Carta Pisana”, a navigational chart of the Middle Ages

We present a synsemic analysis of the medieval portolan chart “Carta Pisana”, a map for marine navigation. We talked about this visual artifact even in this post  (in italian).

You can find our visual analysis on Pdf:
and on Prezi:

We decided to publish the analysis even on Prezi because we use it widely to design, write and think together. We use this application (or misuse it) as a sort of partecipative synsemic tool.

This is a supplement of the analysis of the image “XIII/B” presented in:
Perondi, L., Romei, L., 2011,  “Letture da recuperare”, in «La Vita Nòva», iPad magazine of «Il Sole 24 Ore»,  April, n. 2, v. 1.1.

All experts of medieval cartography are kindly invited to criticize and improve our analysis.

Have a good visual reading!
Arnaldo Filippini, Luciano Perondi, Leonardo Romei


9 responses to “An analysis of “Carta Pisana”, a navigational chart of the Middle Ages

  1. The link to Prezi direct to wrong URL….
    Nice Post!!

  2. Thanks!
    Sorry, try this URL:
    I hope it will work.

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  5. charles westbrook

    Mr Romei,
    where can I get a jpeg or digital copy of the carta-pisana
    like the one use in you link

    thank you

  6. ringrazio il sig. Perondi di avermi data l’opportunità di poter studiare a fondo la carta pisana.
    Se il sig. Perondi desiderasse contattarmi potrei fornire dettagli sulla mia indagine e inviargli un libro di prossima stampa da me preparato. Il libro contiene indicazioni sulla cartografia oceanica che presenta diversità da quella mediterranea. Saluti

  7. Good job on Carta Pisana!! I find it so difficult to distinguish between the green and the black lines. Can you give me a clue which are which?

    Thank you so much

  8. Your analysis leaves a lot to be desired. If you would like to receive a full analysis of the cartography, the draughtsmanship and the scale used, as well as an explanation of the whole setting out , let me have an email address or how to download a few pages to this web page. Quite frankly there is so much going on within the Carta Pisana that it requires a full explanation. I am about to upload a paper to my site but will happily send a short note regarding my findings.

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