Sinsemia is a collective blog made by scholars, experts, journalists and professionals, managed by Luciano Perondi and Leonardo Romei.

If you want to publish a post on our blog please send an e-mail to sinsemiablog(at) You can write in english, french, italian, spanish, russian or better in (written) nahuatl.

Current contributors (in order of appearance):

Luciano Perondi (lecturer with tenure of History of the Book at Isia-Higher Education Institute for Industrial Arts of Urbino, type designer).

Dr. Leonardo Romei (lecturer of Semiotics at Isia of Urbino, PhD in Communication Sciences at Sapienza University of Rome, blogger at L’Huffington Post).

Giuseppe Chia (director of Chialab, lecturer at Isia of Urbino, former president of Aiap, Italian Association for the development of visual communication).

Massimo Pistone (artist and philosopher, founder of Abstracta – international exhibition of abstract cinema, director of the communication research center of Link Campus University).

Roberta Buzzacchino (expert in mind maps, author of the first italian blog on mind mapping Lecturer and consultant for universities, companies and public administration).

Elisa Pardini (architect and public space researcher, founder of Elips Design – architectural and design firm in London. She worked at Fuksas Studio and at Foster+Partners).

Enrico Poli (Digital Media Division Manager at Zanichelli editore S.p.A).

Arnaldo Filippini (designer, he has a Bachelor Degree in Communication Design at Isia of Urbino).

Sergio Juan (designer, founder of Sergio Juan Design Office. He has worked for several newspapers in Europe and America and thought in several master degrees and design workshops. His work has received awards from the SND and SPD).

Daniele Capo (graphic designer and architect).

Chiara Mancini (MA in Semiotics, co-founder at A.M.P.I.A.)




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