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The writing of an architectural project (02)

The image above is a scheme made by OMA for a conceptual masterplan for a cultural district in Honk Kong.

In this image we can define some rules that can be applied to most of architectural projects.

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The writing of an architectural project (01)

The image above is a graphic artifact I designed to explain the concept of an architectural project: a wine-cellar in Argentina.

In order to communicate an idea through white bi-dimensional space you must think first about the space of the text, choosing which part of the concept will be the main and which will be subordinate, what has to be communicated first and what is just secondary.

Then you must plan how to design the page and the relation between images and text.
Sometimes the text explains the images, otherwise text and images are strongly related and they would lose their meaning if they are separated, or the images are created to explain the text.

Synsemic analysis (pdf)

Elisa Pardini